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The prespecctive of women in the life and time fredick douglass were that they were treated like property and not as if they were human beings. They were more like sex slaves, cleaners, punching bags and more. There are a number of female characters deep within his story that are shown and slightly underlooked. Slavery, rape and beatings took an emotional and physically toll on the women and fell prey to the coward masters. Therefore lowering their inner strength and made them weak. Douglass doesn’t talk about women very often and usually associates them with suffering. The south was at that time period and place where women were “supposed” to be shielded from danger. He made a special point that female slaves being beaten, abused and…show more content…
He has one memory of her sneaking up to his window in the middle of the night, walking 12 miles that night and to never see her again, It is believed that he is the offspring of a white master who raped his mother. He treated the death of his mother like she was a stranger that you hear about on the news. Yes sad but no emotions connected to the person. The woman did experience deattachment from the children and were used as a pawn to make more children for the slave masters to produce more workers when the other slaves got to old or died, there would be a back up. The black women depicated in the story expect Douglass wife, were often the receiving end of a blunt and brunt master reign of anger and brutality. His grandmother, Betsy Bailey was a nanny to Captains Anthony’s kids and raised Douglass on Captain Anthony’s land after Douglass’s mother was taken away. Betsy served the Anthony family her whole life and had many children and grandchildren who became slaves for the Anthonys. After seeing Captain Anthony’s children from birth to death, Betsy is abandoned to a hut in the woods instead of being allowed to go free. His Aunt Hester he saw being whipped at a very early age and it stuck with him ever since. She was absoluty stunningly beautfiful and basically overshadowed black and white women alike. She captured the attention of Captain Antothy. Captain Anonthy was Douglass very first master at his young age.nHe
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