An Analysis Of The Video Gaming Industry

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Electronic Arts, EA, is a company within the video gaming industry and a field I’ve been interested in joining. After viewing several different video gaming company career sites EA was the company that stood out the most. EA uses great navigability, atheistic, and personal stories that draw in candidates making EA the winner for having the best career page. A few improvements that EA can make to their website in order to make their career website stand out more would be to their applicant tracking section of the career page, including a FAQ section, and contact information to reach out to the company for any questions or issues when applying. Effective Immediately, upon entering the homepage of EA career page a motto is delivered,…show more content…
While this isn’t located on the initial main career webpage with a simple click on the ‘benefits’ titled item on the top menu bar you’re taken to the benefits page keeping all subject matters within easy 3 clicks of navigability. Nicole Fallon (2016), clarifies that candidates are no longer looking at just the base salary when looking at what company is the perfect choice. A candidate wants work life balance, PTO hours, the ability to stretch the mind. EA does a phenomenal job at detailing their benefits for a candidate, going above and beyond by including benefits available to family members of a candidate to be all inclusive in what an applicant might value most. By doing this I had the sense that EA cared about not only my well-being but about the well-being of my family. The aesthetics of the website whatever the page one is on are pleasing to the eye as hues of blue, high end photos, and large text are used. There is a consistency with all text through every webpage that builds a unity to keep one immersed when searching through the pages and applying. EA keeps an ease of navigability with 3 clicks to all of their information but equally makes a candidate comfortable with multiple options to access information they’re seeking through a click or scrolling feature. This extends to the application process. Sue Marks (2016) stressed the need for recruitment teams to make the application process as simple as possible which
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