An Analysis Of The War

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I am intervening before the novel, during World War 2. I am Paul’s dad, John, when he was 20. He is having an internal conflict as he wants to become a musician, however, his mother wants him to do medicine. Singer music notes at his desk. Kicks ground and throws music after singing notes in frustration. La da da da da da da da da. Sitting in bedroom at desk with music sheets and a textbook opened on desk. Stares at desk. Sad tone. Music, my passion or medicine, the money. [Angrily] Why can’t my just mother support me, it’s my life? Looks up I can always hear my mother’s voice nagging me, “John, stop playing that piano and do something productive with your live.” She has been very angry since father’s death many, many years ago.…show more content…
Sits in chair with sad expression. I practiced on the same worn out piano as my father. Looks to the right with simile. Side by side, the only memory of my father and me together. I don’t understand how mother cannot recognize my desire for a connection with my father. The dream, I want to keep it alive. Angry face audience about to cry Why did she and the war have to ruin my dream? My piano teacher, Mr Brown, was deployed in the war. Start pacing upset. I don’t know if he will ever come back. Since we are poor he taught me in order to honour my late father and his love of music. My father’s death came as a shock to my mother. I was young, very young and since then we haven’t had a reliable source of income. Sit in chair Though I am technically perfect, my teacher told me I was missing Rubato. That without that I would never become a great pianist, I didn’t listen nor did I care. I knew I was great. Stop and look to the front of room with worried expression Was. I was great, but I don’t know now. Yet, if I give up now, how will I ever know my potential. Starts to pace with excitement What if, I follow my mother’s desirer for me in becoming a doctor and then after I start to earn eran money. I hirer a teacher. Practice piano again and I can learn my true potential as a musician. This way my mother can be proud of her son, helping within the war as a doctor. Pickups music sheets and moves to the side of the desk, placing text books in front of

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