An Analysis Of ' The Witticism ' And ' A Doll House '

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Nicole Thomas Professor Flores Comp 2 11/1/15 The Witticism Is, Every Queen Needs a King. Feminism has advanced from the critical scrutiny of inequality between the sexes to draw more emphasis on the social and power structures of gender. The perception of women standards is shown in a masculine social order by the female conditions. A Good Man Is Hard to Find by Flannery O’Connor and A Doll House written by Henrik Ibsen both show feminist criticism by the oppression of women under a patriarchal society. Analyzation of these two stories give total understanding of the degrading roles they portrayed for playing as women yet the grandmother in O’Connor’s piece and the wife in Ibsen’s story do not seem to find this as an opinion upon themselves. The characterization and rules of parallel have both interpreted veiled feminism, to help really substantiate the male figure to hold power above women throughout these two stories. The cultural expectations, submissive prospects, and feminine imagery all provide hidden representational feminism. The case in argument, the social ideologies within an environment provide the obedient outlook of the women who are among them with consideration of era and location. Stereotypically in a former epoch, the dominant role was seen as a man. In great effect, the female character image in a desperate situation was thoughtless for oneself opinion due to the compulsive concerns for the male opinion. In O’Connor’s story, the grandmother says You’ve

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