An Analysis Of Tim O ' Brien 's Things They Carried

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Stories play a very important role in our society. However, the process that the story is told differs based on its form. For example is it a poem (which has a specific form and style) or is it a prose (written/spoken language without any metrical structure)? Although poetry and prose greatly differs from each other, there are many similarities between them. Prose is defined to be in an ordinary form, but prose can share some poetic qualities such as literary devices, imagery, and theme, and many more. Tim O’Brien’s Things They Carried depicts a fragmented stories about his and other soldiers’ experiences that occurred in the Vietnam War. Similarly, the poem, “Facing It” shows a soldier who returns to the Memorial of the Vietnam War where he recalls his own trauma in the war as he looks at the stones. Both the prose, Things They Carried and the poem, “Facing it” conveys the similar theme where they are struggling to overcome the trauma of the war and face the reality. However, the style and the form that the poem and the prose is depicted differs from each other. The main theme of The Things They Carried is how O’Brien utilizes the strategy of storytelling in order to transcend the reality so that he can convey the truths of his and other soldiers’ traumatic experiences. O’Brien mentions in the story that after getting drafted, he flees to the the Rainy River, on the border of Canada. In actuality, O’Brien never fled to the Rainy River. He did not lie so
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