An Analysis Of Tobias Wolff 's ' The Hunters '

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Christopher Walker-Akers
Midterm Essay
English 150-07
Hunters in the Snow I decided to do my essay on the Hunters in the Snow by Tobias Wolff. The reason I chose this story is because winter is my favorite time of the year; I absolutely love snow. The title of this story itself caught my attention. In this paper I will be talking about how the characters interact with each other and how the environment or the setting effects the characters. While talking about the setting, I will also talk about the symbols and the themes. I think the theme of this story is about deception, and it’s about how people can put you down and think nothing of it, but when someone is in the other person’s shoes they finally see what they have done to that person.
There are three main characters in this story, and they are Tub, Frank, and Kenny. They are the “hunters in the snow”. They all play a role in the theme of deception. The setting of this story is in the winter. I found many symbols in the setting itself and the characters. The protagonist in this story is Tub while the antagonist is Kenny. Frank is there to support the person who is in control or the leader in the situations they may face. One of the first symbols I found in the story interesting was the snow. While the snow may be pretty, it is often unforgiving and also an obstacle for the hunters. As the characters’ journey continues, they are faced with obstacles. Not only does the snow represent obstacles they are

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