An Analysis Of Tyreke Gibson's Family

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Introduction Tyreke Gibson is a white sixteen year old male student at Cheraw High School that has experienced difficulty functioning in school. He has recently been suspended for fighting, and was expelled his freshman year in 2014 for bringing a knife to school. He states, “Having the knife makes me feel protected from other kids.” Not only does Tyreke have issues with his peers, but also has trouble completing assignments in order to pass his classes. Teachers believe Tyreke performs poorly because he has shown multiple signs of depression throughout his education, and needs attention in order to help him retain the information being taught in the classroom. Also, teachers believe he participates in fights at school because he is angry…show more content…
Tyreke often hears conversations between his aunt and the administrative staff at his school discussing his underperformance and altercations with other students. Tyreke has made it aware that this makes him feel worthless and afraid. He has discussed his feelings by stating, “I feel like I’m trapped in a hole I cannot get out of. It’s always one bad thing happening after the other. I try in school but don’t know why I cannot understand the work. I fight because other kids say I’m stupid and I will end up like my parents.” Tyreke continues to meet after school with teachers and is in the process of raising his grades in Biology, English, and Spanish. Although progression has been made academically, his behavior remains unacceptable to school administration. His recent suspension resulted in the principle to contact his aunt; informing her Tyreke will have to be expelled if he participates in another fight at school. Population Description Low income children are 18 years of age and below, who live in families with an income below the federal poverty level; $23, 550 for a family of four. Although all ethnic groups share a number of children living in poverty, there is a higher number of white children at 11.4 million. Also, Children in low-income areas are also prone to live with a single parent/guardian. This is that 16.6 children live in poverty with a single parent within the United States. Children
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