An Analysis Of Woolworths Australia Digital Marketing Strategy

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An Analysis of Woolworths Australia Digital Marketing Strategy Analyzing the Business Decision Woolworths Limited is an Australian retail company. Judging by market share and sales, Woolworths is the largest food and liquor retailer in Australia. The first store was opened on Friday, 5 December 1924, and today Woolworths operates 1000 stores around Australia. Perishable Pundit (2013) writes that from the beginning, Woolworths used daily newspapers to advertise. “In 1937 they decided to use the relatively new medium of radio sponsoring an evening program called ‘Rhythm Round-up’ on Station 2GB, Sydney.” (p. 5). Woolworths is credited with giving Jack Davey his first major break in radio. In 2012, Woolworths won the Online Retail Industry Award (ORIA). Grant O’Brien, Managing Director and CEO of Woolworths is quoted as saying: “We are on the cusp of exciting change in retail as we enter the new era where the customer is in charge. But far from being daunted by change, I firmly believe it brings opportunity for our business, our employees, our suppliers and of course, our customers. You just have to look for that opportunity. Woolworths is leading this shopping revolution in Australia and there’s a lot more opportunity still to be realised.” What does this mean? 2 years later, can we still say that Woolworths is leading the shopping revolution in Australia? Woolworths website provides some facts for the year 2012: -2.3 million downloads of shopping apps from Woolworths

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