Essay on An Analysis for the Play Fences

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Fences - An Analysis
James E. May
Averett University
History of the Theatre
TH 220 / BBA 469
Ronal Stepney
November 07, 2011

The story line seemed melodramatic throughout the play. The author (August Wilson) has laid the ground work of many themes throughout the play. The play deals with Race, Men and their masculinity, Morality, Dreams and hopes of everyone involved, Family, Duty, Betrayal and Dissatisfaction. The play begins with Troy and his best friend Bono entering the yard chatting as they usually do coming home from work as garage collectors for their company. Every Friday is payday for Troy and Bono and one can usually find these two enjoy drinking down at Taylors (the local watering hole). Troy seems to be
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Troy also deals (and is responsible for) with his brother Gabriel, who received a serious head injury during the war and hasn’t been the same since. Troy’s son Cory tells his father that he has a chance to be scouted for a recruiter from the University of North Carolina for its football team. But since Troy feels that Cory should be concentrating on working at the local A&P supermarket and his studies and leave football alone. One can understand as to maybe why Troy feels that his son should work and focus on school instead of football. Since Troy was disappointed because of his lack of a professional baseball career (because of his color), he did not want to see his son receive the same kind of heartbreak he had suffered. Troy, by doing this, he is holding his son back (whether he realizes it or not) from possibly having a better life than what he had or currently has. Troy seems somewhat jealous of his son Cory and really bitter when it comes to sports. One of the main themes of the play seems to come when Troy has to tell his wife Rose (coming clean) that he is going to be a father again. Rose becomes upset and wants to know why Troy couldn’t “stay in her bed” instead of going elsewhere. Troy attempt to rationalize what he has done, says that he is only trying to feel good about himself and that he
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