An Analysis of Anzo Express Starter by Cambridge Semantics

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The information system that will be implemented is largely based on semantics technology and essentially functions as a solution to manage spreadsheet data. However, it is important to note that this system will also assist with information stored in relational databases as well (No author, 2012). The primary users of this system include both business as well as operations personnel. There may also be some IT involvement as well; however, the highly intuitive nature of the system that will be used (which is called Anzo Express and created by Cambridge Semantics) should minimize IT involvement once the actual system is properly set-up and implemented. This information system enables users to link data from different spreadsheets and relational databases. It is able to do so in real time. Additionally, it has reporting features that are both traditional and web-based for ease of accessibility. There is also a web-based dashboard that can be used. This information system allows for the aggregation and integration of various data that can be viewed by users in a variety of different ways.
The subsequent requirements outlined enable optimal usage and should be strictly adhered to in order to provide expedient information exchange. The Anzo server should ideally have a fast disk I/O that utilizes a Solid State Drive with a throughput of at least 540/s for expeditious ETL and interactive query performance. A quad-core CPU of 64-bit CPU is required for the server with an operating

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