An Analysis of Charlotte Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper

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What if something as simple as a pattern could cause someone so much grief, attention and unwanted thoughts that it could eventually causes them to slowly go insane? In Charlotte Gilman's short story, "The Yellow Wallpaper" she uses the techniques of foreshadowing, personification, simile, and symbolism, in order to acknowledge how easily humans are convinced and influenced in their daily lives. One's own perspective on themselves can quickly be changed as they are exposed to different thoughts from others and objects that are disturbing, unwanted, and forced. These influences can cause a person to rethink everything they believe and take something else into consideration. It can cause someone to feel completely suffocated to the point…show more content…
slap you in the face, knock you down and trample upon you... like a bad dream" (Gilman 293) and do a complete one eighty and cause even more confusion as to the meaning behind it. This simile is expressed by Gilman to show how the woman is so involved in figuring out the wallpaper that she has forgotten and strayed away from thinking about her sickness. People can be easily distracted, in some ways this is a good thing but others it is bad. Good in a sense that this distraction causes them to put their focus towards someone else rather than thinking of a sickness, a death in their family, a failure or something extreme that has happened in their life. But distraction can be bad for people because it can lead them to so much attention on something other than what is important at hand like getting better and healthy. Objects that are causing unpleasant thoughts in someone’s mind can lead them to distraction and wonderment. Authors use symbols to make their readers have to think more about the meaning behind and what the objects are really depicting to give the story a deeper meaning and understanding. Gilman has created the illustration and description of wallpaper in a room. The pattern is torn, ripped, and disturbing to the mind. As the patient, John’s wife is trapped in the room she becomes fond of the paper and is determined to find the meaning behind it. The wallpaper is causing her distress but as days and weeks go by, she is able to see
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