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Journal of Management and Marketing Research An analysis of cultural impact on international business performance via foreign market entry mode: case of South Korean MNCs Cheong-A Lee Pusan National University Ho-Yeol Bang Pusan National University Jong Wook Ha Columbus State University Joo Young Lee The University of West Alabama Young Hee Yun Kim Tuskegee University ABSTRACT Research on the entry mode of multinational companies (MNCs) to a new market has been one of the major topics in the international business, and the cultural factor has been regarded as one of the major factors to explain the entry mode selection of MNCs. Based on the development on the cultural factors on entry mode, MNCs can enter a market with joint venture or…show more content…
It also wants to minimize risks and costs to coordinate management and business from the different cultures. From the above discussion, the following hypothesis is introduced. Hypothesis 1: A MNE prefer establishing a new investment on a wholly owned subsidiary when it faces larger cultural distance in the new market. If a MNE becomes more internationalized, cultural difference will have less impact on the performance of business in a new market. There are three effects to explain this relationship. First, a MNE is more internationalized, it will possess more experience and knowledge on international business environments and higher understanding on unique cultures of other markets. This will reduce the uncertainty from the cultural difference. Second, when a MNE is more globalized, the organization of the MNE is also globalized. The decisions from the globalized organization will be more flexible and consider the cultural difference of foreign investment. Third, as a MNE is performing more global investment projects, it will accumulate various strategies on issues from the cultural difference, and increase its internal strength of dealing with those cultural issues. Therefore, these three factors can be summarized as the following hypothesis. Hypothesis 2: As a MNE becomes more globalized, the effect of cultural distance on the performance of

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