An Analysis of Dave Shaw's Findings towards Nutritional Science

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As a common concept in the media industry, science and the media clash together when offering to provide nutritional advice for the public. Although difficult, many journalists can be a victim of misinterpreting scientific data and few come from a nutritional background to simplify scientific data. Academic texts such as peer reviewed journals and textbooks are ideal to obtain credible sources of nutrition science. Textbooks and peer reviewed journals have been reviewed for their scientific statements and findings, therefore achieving authenticity. Dave Shaw’s (2014) article in the print media sourced from the New Zealand Herald is an attempt to simplify modern nutrition science for the public. Shaw’s understanding of nutrition science will be evaluated and the concept of nutrition science will be discussed. When thinking critically about Shaw’s article towards nutrition science, his various statements can be successfully supported by academic texts, providing legitimacy and an un-bias opinion (Keller Hunter, personal communication, 2014).
As stated by Whitney, Rolfes, Crowe, Cameron-Smith and Walsh (2011) the science of nutrition is described as the study of the individual nutrients and various substances contained in food and how our bodies cope with them. There can be negative and positive examples of nutrition science in various sources. Magazine articles can be a negative example of nutrition science as it is able to present nutritional claims as being supported by…