An Analysis of Dorothea Lange's Photograph 'Migrant Mother'

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Migrant Mother Introduction Dorothea Lange is an experienced photographer, born on the 26th day of March 1895. Her works have been a source of insight for many people and this has proved very effective to contemporary photographers. There are many works that this woman did during her time and it is important to acknowledge them. Migrant Mother is one of these works and the applause that it has gotten from the viewers clearly portrays expertness at its best. The photo revolves around the life and family of one Florence Owens Williams and was taken in 1936 in California Florida. Going through the various elements of this photograph is effective in ensuring that one understands the deep concepts that revolve around it. Formal Elements The photograph is just one of a number of photographs that Dorothea did about Florence and her family (Silver, 2013). The manner in which the photograph is presented shows a really stressed out woman that is in no condition to feed her family. The children that she has in the photograph show agony in a rather advanced state. This is from the manner that they look disappointed and in a poor mood. The graphics incorporated into the printing of the photograph show advanced technology at the time and this is a great necessity in the broadcasting of a message to millions of people around the world (Paul, 2010). Florence in the photograph portrays the real effects that the depression of 1929 had on people in the United States. The real intention

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