An Analysis of Edith Wharton's Short Story 'Roman Fever'

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The story is intriguing because it influences readers into thinking that it actually deals with sentiments like nostalgia and problems emerging as a result of middle-aged conditions. However, one is likely to observe that it wants to put across more complex feelings as the two central characters, Grace Ansley and Alicia Slade, grow more and more irritated with each-other's presence.
Mrs. Slade initially seems to be unhesitant about expressing youthful behavior and truly appreciating Rome's welcoming environment. The only surprising thing about her is that she feels insecure with regard to Grace's daughter, Barbara. This is primarily owed to Grace's past fondness for her husband, Delphin Slade. The story slowly but surely changes from being similar to a romantic tale as it becomes an intricate story involving ideas such as deceit and bitterness.
Friendship is a dominant concept throughout the story and it deals directly with the strong connection between Grace and Alicia. Even though they apparently express particular appreciation toward each-other, it is obvious that they are both hiding something and that they are actually cautious concerning the sentiments that they reveal throughout the first part of the story. The story…
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