An Analysis of Egalia's Daughters

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In the satire of the sexes, Egalia’s Daughters by Gerd Brantenberg, there is put forth a society different from which has ever been present in modern times. This would be a society where women were at the forefront and did the decision making, worked and held governmental positions. The men were portrayed in the way females live in present society, though it was often exaggerated to make that point. Men were dominated and ruled by women and had to do their bidding and cook for them and take care of the children, so on and so forth. By taking a hard look at how sexuality is imagined and experienced on all analytical levels and picking apart the social construction of gender in Egalia’s Daughters, society itself in the present can start to …show more content…
The men don’t usually work and are expected to watch the children (hence the term “housebound”) so they don’t have any access to money. They are made to be fully dependent on their woman. Even when engaging in sexual activity there are permissible positions and others that are regarded as dirty or deviant because the man is in control, which is unacceptable. It’s very interesting because the same can be said of modern society today. Women often have little access to financial means and have long since been expected to stay home with the children and let the husband work. This can actually be better explained when looked at on the macro-level. Though this book isn’t about a nation it’s fairly well-spread and established that women are in control of everything. There are some societies that differ in the treatment of men but it’s still a matriarchal situation. Gender in Egalia is socially constructed, similar to how it is in modern society—but opposite. Where men are considered inferior to women. Lorber writes “gender is one of the major ways that human beings organize their lives” (24). He goes on to describe how it occurs at birth when the genitalia are seen. In the book mothers often hope for a daughter like fathers in modern society often want a son. The reactions to certain events and punishments from women mold the men to be obedient and oppressed. When Patronius is telling his mother he wants to be a
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