An Analysis of Exodus 6:8-10 Essay

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In Exodus 6:12, the Hebrew phrase “Poor Speaker” (NRSV), does not mean a physical speech disability in a literal sense, but rather it is used as a metaphor to describe Moses’ hesitation to speak to Pharaoh which was not only his own self-consciousness, but was also a product of Israelites disinclination towards him.

A Plan of Defense I plan to start my defense by providing those arguments that claim that it was self-consciousness at Moses’ part rather than a disability. For instance, The Eerdmans' commentary states that “uncircumcised” in the passage has been used as a metaphor of being unfit or unready. Besides this, I will add The International Bible commentary, which has the similar kind of views. It describes that Moses was
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In contrary to these notions, I will also include different view points such as The New Interpreter’s Bible which describes that it could be that Moses thought that his lips were not adequate to take on the charge. It also claims that it may also mean that Moses thought that he is a foreigner to Pharaoh. To describe more about the idea of being foreigner to Pharaoh, I will bring Jeffry H. Tigay forward who leans towards the same school of thought by expressing that Moses' speech issue was more of a language problem rather than a disability which took place because of Moses’ fleeing away from Egypt to Median.

In my defense, I plan to mention some very different schools of thoughts as well. For instance, Matthew Henry in his commentary claims that Moses was not a gifted orator. This was the reason that he was hesitant to talk to Pharaoh. Henry also suggests that sometimes God likes to choose people with disadvantages and use them by granting them grace to get through their deficiencies. The interesting thing is that The Harper Collins Bible commentary also suggests that Moses was a poor speaker and that was the reason the Israelites ignored him, so God commissioned Aaron to be Moses' spokesman. I plan to disprove these notions with the help of aforementioned authors whose comments are logical and make sense.

I plan to include Jeremy Schipper in my plan as well. He makes it a very critical issue by

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