An Analysis of Ford's Career Website

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An Analysis of Ford's Career Website Introduction Communicating human resource potentials to the general public might not be at the forefront of most human resources managers and personnel, but in the age of computer- and Internet-based networking the need to present an informative and effective face to the general public should be a concern for the human resources department at every major firm. Websites are now the expected means by which potential applicants, recruiters and job placement specialists, and other interested parties can learn about human resources initiatives at various companies. Though these public career websites or webpages are not a part of the traditional human resources information system, they must incorporate much of the same architecture and should provide a decent level of transparency into the company's human resources workings (Kavanagh at el, 2011). The following pages present a brief analysis of Ford Motor Company's career website as an illustration of these larger principles. Site Summary Ford Motor Company's career website is largely devoted to photographs and accompanying headlines for news and human interest stories regarding the company's human resources activities (Ford, 2012). There are also clear sections for job seekers and a variety of other navigable elements on the page, with the homepage serving exclusively as a gateway to all of the other sections of the career website (Ford, 2012). This presentation make it initially
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