An Analysis of Forensic Psychology in the Film, 'Primal Fear'

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Forensic psychology in Primal Fear (1996) Primal Film (1996) is a legal thriller with Martin Vail represented as an ambitious; high profile Chicago Defense Lawyer hired to defend Aaron Kentucky charged with murder of Chicago's Archbishop, Richard Rushman. During the trial, Martin Vail discloses that the Archbishop was involved in sexual harassment and other political issues. Based on various substantial factors, Martin Vail believed that Aaron suffered from Multiple Personality Disorder, which instigated his action of killing the Archbishop. Vail highlighted the following two distinct personalities that instigated the death of the archbishop. They comprise; a.A psychotic, sociopathic, and prevailing alter-ego known as Roy b.His usual logical self named Aaron who recalled nothing pertaining to the incidence. During the cross-examination, the aggressive 'Roy' blew out from Aaron's character and assaulted Laura Linney, the assistant District Attorney Prosecutor. Vail took advantage of the situation by defending his client based on insanity. However, at the end of the film, there is a clear shocking twist, when Aaron congratulates his lawyer for his competence. Aaron sends apologies to Laura for the assault he caused. It dawns on Vail that Aaron was still recalling what Roy did, rather than forgetting the incident. Roy unknowingly revealed his guiltiness of killing the archbishop. It was evident that his presence in the courtroom was premeditated, and Roy was his real

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