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An Analysis of George Bataille's The Story of the Eye ...awareness of the impossibility opens consciousness to all that is possible for it to think. In this gathering place, where violence is rife, at the boundary of that which escapes cohesion, he who reflects within cohesion realizes that there is no longer any room for him (Theory of Religion 10). When Georges Bataille first published The Story of the Eye in 1928, anonymously and "in a limited edition of 134 copies" (Lechte 118), he had been at the Bibliothèque Nationale in the department of numismatics for nearly six years. Bataille was thirty-one at the time of publication, and it was not his first or the most violent piece. "The Solar Anus" which preceded it actually looks…show more content…
It executes Bataille's need to express through his writings what could not be contained by the cultural system within which he lived and worked, and it expresses his need to recognize the existence of what the system cannot contain--the vision of that other eye out of which he looks at the world. Thus rather than dismiss this text as juvenile or adolescent writing, readers should be aware of it as an early declaration of identity formation, one affected by actual events in his life and, although overwhelmingly privileging his sexual obsessions, one which contains nevertheless the core of his thinking. In Bataille's profession of librarianship, cataloging or classification of material becomes obsessive to the extent that every item within a collection must have a named place or it cannot have a place in the collection, for only by being inserted into a named placed within a system can an object be curated or cared for. Bataille captures the intention of this systematizing in his Documents essay on "The Use Value of D.A.F. de Sade" when he writes: "the work of philosophy as well as science or common sense ...has always had as its goal the establishment of the homogeneity of the world [through]...the identification of all the elements of which the world is composed" (Visions 96). To know or identify an object such as a coin restricts the coin to its place within the organization of numismatics. The operation reduces knowledge to the ability to

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