An Analysis of Global Brands Coca-Cola and Nestle

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Global Brands: Coca Cola and Nestle are among the most recognizable global brands or companies that need to compete on a global scale in order to remain competitive. As recognizable global brands, these firms need to compete based on the understanding that the world is constantly changing. The companies must continue looking ahead in order understanding the forces and trends that shape the business world currently and in the future ("Mission, Vision & Values", n.d.). Such understanding is also critical for the success of these businesses because it enables them to effectively prepare for future events in the industry. These efforts provide the basis for developing a long-term destination for the business and the most appropriate strategy for profitability. For Coca Cola Company, the roadmap to success and profitability starts with its mission, which also helps the firm to remain competitive in the global scale. The mission is also significant for the profitability of the company because it states the purpose of the firm and acts as the basis for evaluating organizational decisions, strategies, and actions ("Mission, Vision & Values", n.d.). Notably, the mission of Coca Cola is centered on three major aspects that define the business i.e. to refresh the world, encourage optimism and happiness, and create value and make a difference ("Mission, Vision & Values", n.d.). This mission acts as the foundation for Coca Cola to remain competitive in the global scale through

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