An Analysis of Google

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An Analysis of Google A)Google's two-sided platform concentrates on products and services that unite users in the network. The triumvirate of Schmidt, Brin and Page has the CEO and two presidents orchestrating (in Schmidt's own words) a kind of "run-and-shoot offense" (Google:3), allowing the search engine to profit both as a place where web searchers can locate information and a place where businesses can advertise their products. What began as a Stanford University research project became an algorithmic dream, providing quick access to web surfers around the world and a new way for advertisers to reach an audience. The two sides of the market searching and advertising have same-side network effects as well as cross-side network effects. The same side network effects may be measured by the amount of users who rely on Google to provide them with web content. Google has secured more market share than any other search engine in the world. The same side effects, therefore, are greater user numbers for Google and greater desire for content providers to be seen and/or located by Google. The cross-side network effect may be measured by the draw such users have on advertisers. The more user numbers grow, the more interest Google is to advertisers looking to capitalize on the network market. Google Search Engine Marketing, for example, allows advertisers to pay the search engine to list its ads with a Cost per Click (CPC) model such as AdWords and AdSense. One of the benefits

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