An Analysis of 'Grendel' Based on the Classic Poem 'Beowulf'

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Archetypical tales are not rare in the English literature. There are tales of fairies, dragons, witches, elves and monsters. There are a big number of audiences that likes to read about enemies or helpers from the external world. War between good and evil depicted in such stories is fascinating to young and old alike because they symbolize a lot of things for people. There is a story "Grendel" based on classic poem "Beowulf" in which there is three main characters the mother the dragon and the Grendel. Not only Grendel but other two characters too represent alien world evils. Grendel is analyzed here to assess if he is man, monster or a notion.
Is Grendel a man, monster or a notion?
The idea of Grendel is based on a poem "Beowulf". The story revolves around the fight between good and evil in the life. Beowulf was the hero who faced three monsters and had to fight them. Grendel is categorized as a demon that had some human characteristics. He has qualities of dragons. Thus fighting with Grendel was not like an ordinary fight with a human being since Grendel had some extraterrestrial powers. In the story, Beowulf fought and killed Grendel but it is not known if Grendel's mother took revenge for killing of her son or not.
The war between humans and monsters is not one episode. The story tells that it was a series of wars fought for twelve years that continued until someone matching the powers

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