An Analysis of Human Resources Management at TNT Essay

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An Analysis of Human Resources Management at TNT

TNT is the European market leader in global express distribution, logistics and international mail. Wherever a company operates TNT will make sure that their documents, consignments and business mail are delivered safely and on time using their integrated air and road networks. Their international operations are focused on the key areas of world trade in Europe, Asia, North and South America. They also have strong domestic networks in Australia and Europe.

Their operational networks are supported by sophisticated technology which as well as ensuring service reliability provides real-time, on-line information on the status of the consignment.

Their central philosophy is to
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· Processes: Continuously identifying better ways of working through innovation and the involvement of everyone in the ongoing measurement, review and improvement of all activities undertaken in the company.

· Impact on society: Earning recognition as a good neighbour, minimising pollution, reducing waste and helping the community through relevant youth and charitable initiatives.


The responsibilities of HRM function in TNT

The function and responsibilities of Human Resource Management at TNT are: Planning the workforce: This is the activity of management that is aimed at coordinating the requirements for and the availability of different types of employees’.

There are four main reasons for Human Resources Planning:

1. It encourages employers to develop clear links between their business plans and their HR plans so that they can integrate the two more effectively, for all concerned.

2. Organisations can control staff costs and numbers employed far more effectively.

3. Employers can build up a skill profile for each of their employees. This makes it easier to give them work where they are most value to the organisation.

4. It creates a profile of staff (related to gender, race, disability) which is necessary