An Analysis of Jean De Bloch's 'Theory of War'

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Bloch studied about war for approximately fourteen years before materializing his researches into the form of a book. Eventually, his study came out in 1899 but Bloch would never get the opportunity to observe his ideas being validated by the two world wars. An entrepreneur and a civilian writer, Jean de Bloch's theory of war has proven viable throughout the years precisely because it witnessed its actualization within the two world wars. His analysis on military strategies is all time relevant because it explores war from standout points that indeed remain constant no matter the circumstances or the time of its emergence. In his understanding of war, Bloch taunted the idea that war is an instrument for justice. If anything, it was an instrument for creating destructiveness through military development. And, considering the damage of the two world wars alone, military improvements in the first part of the twentieth century brought more horror rather than achieved victory. Although military innovations began decades prior to World War I, its emergence was the first actual opportunity to test improved technology. High explosive shells, Chlorine gas, machine guns increased lethality. Those facing new types of horror were the actual soldiers whose experience of war left many of them lethargically uncooperative once war ended. Bloch anticipated that the present incessant growth of armaments must either call forth a war, ruinous both for conqueror and for conquered and ending

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