An Analysis of John Galsworthy's Short Story 'Timber'

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John Galsworthy's short story "Timber" is meant to discuss with regard to the intensity existing in a relationship between man and the natural world. The story shows how people are inclined to ignore nature's importance in situations involving things like self-esteem and popularity. Galsworthy apparently wants people to acknowledge that it is essential for them to connect with nature on a constant basis, as the natural world is largely responsible for their general condition. Sir Arthur Hirries, the central character in the short story is an entrepreneur when considering that he enjoys coming across situations where he can emphasize his patriotism and earn some profits at the same time. The baronet feels that it would only be normal for an individual in his position to try and focus on assisting his country and to transform some of his resources into money as a result of the endeavor. However, Galsworthy wants his readers to understand that they are actually being confronted with a condition involving morality as seen from a point of view regarding the natural world. The writer shows how nature can be of particular assistance for individuals who exploit it without harming it. However, when these people try to directly damage it with the purpose of gaining profits, the situation changes and the natural world is reluctant to continue to assist them. It is practically as if nature puts across its warmth toward people when they are actively involved in fighting for it.

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