An Analysis of Less-Developed Nations

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Introduction Over time, quite a number of names have been suggested in an attempt to describe the so called developing countries. Some of the names that have been suggested in this case include but they are not limited to the Third World, less-developed countries, underdeveloped nations, developing world etc. In this text, I suggest a term which in my opinion should be utilized when referring to countries regarded poor or less industrialized. In so doing, I will also highlight the theoretical perspective my selected term best reflects. Discussion When referring to developing countries, the most appropriate term to use in my opinion is less-developed countries. Brinkerhoff et al. (2007) define less-developed nations as "nations that have lower living standards than the most-developed countries"¦" The most developed countries in contrast "are those rich nations that have relatively high degrees of economic and political autonomy" (Brinkerhoff et al., 2007). Thus the key distinguishing feature between developed and less-developed nations is the degree of both political and economic autonomy. In that regard, less-developed nations are likely to have high unemployment rates, lower living standards, shorter life expectancies etc. In seeking the most appropriate label for developing countries, I settled on less-developed countries because in addition to explaining the political and economic conditions of the subject, it also captures the development track record of the
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