An Analysis of Love Countering Molestation in Walker’s The Color Purple and Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

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A child, male or female, who have been molested by anyone, affects that child physically and mentally. Anger, depression, self loathing and many more mental problems affects a child who have been sexually abused; this takes away the innocence and childhood of a child. For a child to overcome these struggles, they must receive support from someone or a loved one. For a recovery close to a complete recovery, the child should obtain this support mostly from their family. The novel The Color Purple by Alice Walker entails letters written to God from Celie of her life and struggles from a little below the age of 14 into adulthood. On the other hand the novel I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou is an autobiography of her and her …show more content…
As she narrated, “The only thing I could do was to stop talking to people other than Bailey.” (Angelou 84) Marguerite made this decision on her own therefore choosing to let her voice not to be heard, losing confidence. It may not be very evident in the novel the time she choose to not speak, because it seem as though she was holding away from speaking in fear that the person she spoke to other than Bailey would receive the wrath of God and die, just as the perpetrator did. However, this may have been an act done because she had lost her confidence after being molested and raped by someone she thought cared for her Even though they both have a similarity in not being very confident, a contrast in both characters is that Marguerite lack of confidence lasted only for a short while until she got someone who helped her to regain her confidence. Celie on the other hand gained her confidence after a very long while also after having someone who cared to help her to gain her confidence she never knew she had. However both lost or never had confidence in their childhood. Both Celie and Marguerite show care and compassion to those who showed them none.
Firstly Celie defended and sticked by her abusive husband’s side. This act of kindness was done when she spat in her father-in-law's water; “I drop little spit in Old Mr. _____ water...I
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