An Analysis of Marius the Epicurian and the Picture of Dorian Gray

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Some people think with a pen, some with a clay and many think using nothing. Oscar Wilde and Walter Pater are in the first classification. As it is obvious, nobody can control what they think and similarly, as they think with a pen, their ability of concealing their characteristics in those books are without no wonder poor. Oscar Wilde claimed in the preface of The Picture of Dorian Gray that "to reveal art and to conceal the artist is the art's aim" but art inevitably reveals artist since it is the mirror of artist's unreachable depths. And ý assert that whatever ý give birth is my child and resembles me. Thus artists are all parents and their children resembles them. So in this paper, I will try to scrutinize these…show more content…
They lived in the same periods. They intensely influenced each other but mostly Oscar Wilde was inspired of Walter Pater who was an initiator of aesthetic movement which claimed `art for art's sake' in Victorian period. Furthermore, he was a sensualist, a follower of hedonism in many respects. He treated some hidden homosexual themes in his writings but it was not done as courageously as Oscar Wilde did. Both of them used fiction as their ways of free expression. As Oscar Wilde thouches upon this and reveals his strategy in The Decay of Lying " Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth." (1082) So his mask behind which he conceals himself is his fictional characters such as Dorian Gray who symbolizes his aesthetic and sensualist side, Lord Henry who mirrors his intellectual and evil side. Oscar Wilde was such a great personality that he gave birth to many characters out of his own personality. He was claimed to be a plagiarist and blamed for insincerity in his own age. But his insincerity was quite sincere. He was a hypocrite, to be honest, in his lifetime. His deeds and ideas contradicted each other just as it is the case in Lord Henry. He was an homosexual who sublimated spiritual platonic love and he claimed his relationship with Alfred Douglas as an intellectual one. He summarizes his
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