An Analysis of Marketing Strategy at Bass Pro Shops

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An Analysis of Marketing Strategy at Bass Pro Shops
Today, Bass Pro Shops is a multi-billion dollar enterprise that specializes in sporting and hunting equipment. The company's current position is a far cry from its modest beginnings in 1971 when the company's founder, Johnny Morris began selling fishing lures on just two shelves in his father's liquor store. With fifty-two retail outlets as well as a number of Outdoor World superstores in the United States and Canada, a user-friendly Web site and extensive mail catalog sales, Bass Pro Shops has become a leading sporting and hunting goods in North America today. To determine how the company achieved this impressive growth, this paper provides an analysis of Bass Pro Shop's corporate strategy using Ansoff's Growth Strategies and Porter's generic strategies for growth, the company's market segmentation and marketing mix. Finally, an assessment of appropriate Bass Pro Shop's marketing metrics is followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion.
Review and Analysis
1. Corporate Strategy: To date, Bass Pro Shop's (hereinafter alternatively "the company") corporate strategy has been to focus on the growing wildlife recreation market. In this regard, Henderson and Moore (2006, p. 598) emphasize that, "Wildlife recreation -- hunting, fishing, and wildlife watching-has garnered increasing attention as an engine of economic activity in rural areas. The expansion and success of rural

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