An Analysis of Mary Shelly's Frankenstein Essay

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Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein in a time of wonder. A main wonder was whether you could put life back into the dead. Close to the topic of bringing life back into the dead was whether you could create your own being, like selective breeding however with more power. Perhaps she chose to write this story opposing to one of a Ghost as she felt it was more relevant to her era and wanted to voice her own opinions and concerns to what the future may hold.

Playing God, pinching corpses, pretention is this a morally justified thing to do?
These are all traits of Victor Frankenstein. Was this morally right for a Georgian man?
Would this even be right for a modern day man? What was Mary Shelley trying to say?
What was the “monster” like and
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Maybe her message was to be careful of what we would be able to achieve, to know where it is right to stop; and perhaps if it is right to meddle with mother nature?

Like Shakespeare Mary Shelley uses the weather an awful lot to set the mood and give clues to what is about to happen. In the start of chapter 5 the first thing that she refers to is the weather (a typical brit!) and says it is “dreary” and continues to explain how the “rain pattered dismally against the pains” which immediately suggests that something damaging and ruinous is about to happen.
She uses a lot of symbolism within chapter 5 and actually throughout the whole novel. She continues to say things such as “my candle was nearly burnt out” , the candle symbolising life and could therefore mean he was in bad health and about to die. Then again it could also suggest that his goodness may be going or that he is physically exhausted or in fact that all good may be wiped out as the ‘monster’ was about to be born. It is a complete contrast to the previous chapter(s) when Victor was so hooked and excited on creating the ‘monster’ that he wiped all worries from his mind. He thought that he would be a creature of beauty as he handpicked the individual features himself. But as soon as the creature is brought to life it changes and he describes it as a “catastrophe” and his eyes as “dull”. His words are very harsh and the first thing he does is run.

The creation of the ‘monster’ affected
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