An Analysis of Mccarthy and Hart's 'Designing Groups to Meet Evolving Challenges in Healthcare Settings'

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The premise for this argument suggested that current health care costs are very expensive and almost impractical because of these costs, and that health care was generally chaotic in applying precise and streamlined care. This systemic failure of something very important led these authors to explore the literature existent on group health care approaches and interjecting their own ideas into the discussion. To help set up the need for this argument, the authors wrote about the problems of the cost of health care. Doom and gloom is predicted by these authors as a desperate tone begins to surface to help convince the reader that something needs to be done to fix this problem. Their assumptions are clearly revealed when they desperately wrote " However, in many such settings, it is the bottom line that will carry the day: group researchers and practitioners must be able to empirically demonstrate the utility and cost effectiveness of group interventions. Much of the first part of this work is based upon the research of Drum et al (2011) which " offered a thorough and informative review of changes in the health system and the opportunities such changes provide for group workers, " (p. 353). Included in this review of literature are five specific criteria that can help design a useful group setting where healing processes can take advantage of these environmental…
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