An Analysis of New Innovations from Google

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Analysis of New Innovations From Google
Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is best known for its highly profitable advertising and search businesses, which are revolutionizing how consumers globally access, analyze, interpret and use data and information. Since its founding in 1998, Google's founders and senior management teams have strived to create a culture that enables rapid, disruptive innovation. Google's Rule of 20%, which states any engineer has the freedom to invest up to a fifth of their time in a research project of interest, is today responsible for 57% of total revenues (Steiber, Alänge, 2013). The Google culture thrives in innovation as a result, with a well-defined process in place for initially evaluating, qualifying and then prioritizing specific research projects. Each engineer has the opportunity to own the project from initial definition through presentation to senior management and eventual launch (Steiber, Alänge, 2013). The motivation to excel with their own inventions and innovative new product ideas has led to the development of Gmail; Google+, the highly successful social network that Google launched in response to Facebook's' dominance; and a myriad of other developments including visual and contextual search, two technologies still under development.
There are five technologies that form the basis of this analysis of Google's unique innovative culture include the Android operating system; Google Nexus 7 Tablet and Chrome networks; Google

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