An Analysis of Organizational Culture Essay

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Running head: An Analysis of Organizational Culture

An Analysis of Organizational Culture

Abstract The following is an observation and analysis of the role an organization’s values play on the development and state of its culture. This analysis is based on five interviews of both male and female workers from a privately owned manufacturing company with annual revenues exceeding a billion dollars. In forming my conclusions, I will analyze the synthesis of data and draw from the classification and examples set forth in the “Workplace Culture and Socialization section of Volti’s “An Introduction to the Sociology of Work and Occupations” Volti (2008) as well as the National Defense University’s
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These subcultures provide a method of informal socialization “that no reasonable amount of formal training can provide.” (Volti, 2008) In most cases, these subcultures “mesh quite well with the dominant organizational culture because their goals and values parallel those of management.” (Volti, 2008) However, as stated, this is an organization in transition and there is the potential for countercultures to arise due to the ambiguity of what the behaviors, values, and norms of the new leadership’s culture will be. “Schein contends that many of the problems confronting leaders can be traced to their inability to analyze and evaluate organizational cultures.” (National Defense University, Undated) As this new group of leaders begins to set strategic direction for the next generation of this organization, they must acknowledge, “Difficulties with organizational transformations arise from failures to analyze an organization’s existing culture.” (National Defense University, Undated) For this organization to be successful, leaders will need to “correctly analyze the organization’s existing culture, and evaluate it against the cultural attributes needed to achieve strategic objectives.” (National Defense University, Undated)

Focus and Hypothesis

The following analysis will undertake
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