An Analysis of Panera Bread's Marketing Mix

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Analysis Of Panera Bread's Marketing Mix Introduction Panera Bread is highly regarded for its ability to orchestrate the many aspects of delivering an excellent, repeatable experience to customers regardless of which time of the day they visit a store or location. Underscoring this ability to deliver an exceptional experience is a careful orchestration of the marketing mix the company relies on to attract and keep loyal customers over time. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate the marketing mx implemented by Panera Bread. Analysis Of Panera Bread's Marketing Mix The four foundational elements of product, price, promotion and place or distribution are successfully orchestrated across the Panera chain through a series of standards, processes and procedures that ensure a highly consistent level of quality chain-wide. This quality aspect of the marketing strategy has successfully gained Panera a following of loyal customers in the middle-age and older market segments (Jargon, 2012). This aspect of quality is so pervasive that the company successfully uses it as a point of differentiation in the ambience and place or locational value of their stores and locations. Panera relies on the smell of their bread baking to further enhance and strengthen the experience of customers over time (Rich, 2013). With quality anchoring the marketing mix, Panera concentrates on the product area of their marketing mxi with intensive levels of Research & Development (R&D) on new

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