An Analysis of Robert Frost's 'The Road Not Taken'

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The Road Not Taken Robert Frost Introduction Robert Frost is one of the best known poets in American history, and his poem, "The Road Not Taken" is among the most well-known of all his poems. Frost places a great deal of emphasis on nature in his writing, as he was a lover of the countryside. He based many of his poems on the New England scenery, which was his home for most of his life. I chose this particular poem because I have enjoyed the readings we have done so far of his work and "The Road Not Taken" was one of my favorite works by Frost. Many people have analyzed the poem; in fact it has been said that it's been the most analyzed poem ever and often misunderstood. However, no one person has the same interpretation of a poem. Even Frost himself said of his poem that "you have to be careful of that one; it's a very tricky poem-very tricky" ( Thesis: "The Road Not Taken" relates to choices that people make in life and it is about the value of making good decisions along the way and it is about looking back to evaluate which road indeed was the better of the two. Analysis of the Poem As "The Road Not Taken" begins there is regret expressed by the narrator that he can't travel on both of the two roads. He also describes one of the two roads as far as he could see down that road and in the second stanza it turns out the other road was "just as fair" and in fact may have been "the better claim" because clearly not many people had been down that other
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