An Analysis of Romanticism of Atala

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Megan Hartley Professor Planer Arts & Ideas November 8, 2010 An Analysis of Romanticism of Atala The Romantic Era brings to the mind of an uneducated person of a time of idyllic pleasure, carefree and light. If asked to picture it some may say a damsel in distress rescued by her knight riding in on a white stallion. However, the Romantic Era was more of an era of rebellion as the world moved away from the “correctness” in literary art and religion. It was an era of artistic movement, in literature, music, and the visual arts, that emphasizes pleasure in the natural world, fascination with the legends of the past and supernatural beings, creativity, imagination, exploration of human emotions, human activities struggling…show more content…
Chactas chooses to follow the Christian ways that Father Aubry has shown them. Atala, struggles with guilt and desolation because she is torn between God, to whom she had consecrated her life previously to fleeing by taking a vow to preserve her chastity, and the love that has grown between her and Chactas as they have spent time at the mission. She knows that her rebellion, in helping him to escape was not how her family had raised her, yet she feels that was the right thing to do. In trying to think things through further, however, she is unsure what path she should take. Not trusting in her own flesh, Atala takes poison; thinking that the best option would be to end her life so she does not break her vows to God. During the time that Atala is sick, Father Aubry and Chactas find out the real reason behind her illness. Father Aubry counsels Atala that it is possible for one to renounce his or her vows and the Christianity allows for that through grace. However, Chactas is less forgiving and anger takes over his emotions. Chactas love allows him to help Father Aubry care for Atala as she is dying because the poison is too far into her system. After her burial, Chactas heeds Father Aubry’s counsel and departs from the mission. Throughout the entire love story of Atala and Chactas, we can see creativity that Chateaubriand displays. He weaves together the Indian legends of that timeframe; also touching on great stories from authors

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