An Analysis of 'Samuel' by Grace Paley

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Samuel by Grace Paley: An Analysis The things we do as children are often irresponsible and reckless. Yet we do them for fun, and because others are watching, judging, and expecting us to fulfill our 'friendly,' peer-pressure driven responsibilities. There are times, however, when these things lead to something bad, something unexpected. During such times, it is difficult to get over what once was, and to go on with life, especially if the said occurrence is a tragedy, which often times, it may be. Such an event happened in the story "Samuel" by Grace Paley, where a boy died because of his and his friends' reckless behavior, but also because of the actions of the individuals surrounding these boys. This paper will thus analyze the story, in order to determine who was responsible, in this case, for the tragedy that occurs in the story. Samuel is a very beautifully written tragedy. The story conducts itself in a very unique way; that is, it does not utilize plot or a certain structure, but only voice and character in order to advance the story. The author is quite talented, and places the events in such a way that though the reader expects the worst, he is still shocked when he receives confirmation of his worst suspicions. To anyone from New York City, the dangers of train cars are evident. This is why, when the reader begins to see that the children are acting recklessly, he becomes quite worried. This is because there are countless numbers of warnings on trains,

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