An Analysis of 'Seinfeld'

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Seinfeld Examine the use of stereotypes in the representation of gender, race, and class. Investigate the way social situation is depicted? Describe how the psychology of the characters is simplified or exaggerated and why? Choose the object of analysis In Seinfeld stereotypes are used to show the reflections of different classes of people. For women, this is demonstrated through the various girlfriends that Jerry has and how he is easily able to have a sexual relationship with them. To expand upon these ideas the character of Elaine is the classic example. She is supposed to be a career orientated woman. Yet, she goes through one boyfriend to the next. Towards the end of the series is when she has been with so many men that she begins dating some of the same ones over. In this aspect, the psychology is exaggerated by illustrating how she has been with all of New York City. However, the reality is that the actual size of the city is so large, it is impossible to sleep with most men in New York. This is depicting women as vulnerable sex objects (who will sleep with anyone). The way that race is used in stereotypes is to show how Jewish people only have friends that are from their own demographic or among Caucasians. Anyone who is considered to be a minority is depicted as a worker or an individual that is somewhat arrogant. This is illustrated with the relationship that George has Mr. Morgan (his boss at the Yankees). The psychology of these characters is simplified.
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