An Analysis of Spike Lee's Film, '4 Little Girls'

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1. The motion picture I picked is Spike Lee's 1997 4 Little Girls. 2. I picked this film because of the strong message it is meant to put across, considering that Lee wanted the world to acknowledge that while society had experienced significant progress up to the turn of the century, people still had a long way to go in order for the world to be a morally acceptable place. Reading more information about the girls killed during the 1963 Baptist Church bombing really shocked me and made me want to discuss this film. While the other films involved in the lesson also seemed intriguing, this one really affected me. It practically made it obligatory for me to discuss it while also providing people with the opportunity to learn more concerning the event. 3. The message the film is meant to put across relates to how people need to experience a reawakening process in order to realize the injustices happening across the world. Lee's choice to relate to arson occurring once again in Birmingham in 1993 emphasizes that suffering is not over. This part of the movie creates a kind of continuity as it creates a connection between the past and the future in an attempt to have viewers comprehend that the matter is more serious that one might be inclined to believe. The motion picture is generally intended to have viewers get actively involved in changing the world. Lee and his collaborators practically wanted to highlight a disturbing event so as for the masses to do something about the

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