An Analysis of Suki Kim's 'Facing Poverty With a Rich Girl's Habits'

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Suki Kim, a South Korean immigrant to the United States, wrote an interesting article entitled " Facing Poverty With a Rich Girl's Habits. This article was published in the New York Times November 21, 2004. The purpose of this essay is to discuss this article and examine its key points. This essay will also include my personal attitudes towards this work and how it affected me. This brief article described Kim's childhood transition from Korea to New York City. The article is framed in very dreary tone as it discussed how her loss of material goods was painful and caused great discomfort. She speaks about her childhood with embarrassment and regret. Her fanatical appeals to the readers' emotions were evident when she wrote "gone in an instant was my small world, made possible by my father's shipping company, mining business and hotels. Because bankruptcy was punishable by a jail term, we fled, penniless, to America." The clear focus of her message is to appeal for sympathy. Kim's plight was aimed at whoever reads the New York Times as it appeals to various segments of the reading population. Many turn to this newspaper to read about tragic events to feel better about their own lives and this article fits nicely with this theme and approach. The article is very polarizing as it underlies a sense of entitlement and what is deserved in life. Kim laid out some real challenges within this article for immigrants assimilation problems they have when entering the United States.

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