An Analysis of Super Bowl Commercials

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Advertisers pay close attention to the demographics and psychographics of the viewers, looking for an opportunity to speak directly to their core demographic and psychographic segments with clear, compelling and emotionally stirring messages. The costs of producing and airing a SuperBowl commercial are so significant that many advertisers complete extensive tests of their concepts and multiple versions of their ads before choosing the best possible one for the expensive time slots purchased (Vranica, 2012).
Analysis of the Top Ten SuperBowl Commercials
There are many top ten lists of SuperBowl commercials available on the Internet. This one has been defined by the cumulative number of views on YouTube as of this writing, correlated to the number of mentions in Google search results. That approach has ensured an unbiased list of the top ten SuperBowl Commercials of 2012. Based on this approach here is the list:
1. It's Halftime in America Chrysler
2. Matthew's Day Off Honda
3. Transactions Acura
4. 2012 Chevy Silverado
5. A Dream Car. For Real Life Kia Optima
6. Reinvented Toyota Camry
8. Performance Basketball Bridgestone
9. The Dog Strikes Back Volkswagen
10. Thing Called Love Samsung Mobile USA
It's interesting to note that 90% of these commercials are for car…
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