An Analysis of Superdry’ Working Environments and the Future Prospects for the Company

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An Analysis of
Superdry’ Working Environments and the Future Prospects for the Company

Executive Summary
This report discussess the working environment of Superdry and then offers an analysis of the future prospective for the company.
Firstly introduce the background of Superdry include establishment, products, performance and so on. Then Porter’s five forces framework is applied to analyse the competitive environment which are suppliers, customers, competitors and so on. Next Porter’s PESTEL analysis is used to discuss the external environments which Superdry operates in. It focuses on the key factors which can greatly influence the company. Finally, explore the why Superdry can get a great success as well as the future
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Superdry brand is at the heart of the business. It supples T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, joggers, hoodies, jackets, shirts, rugby shirts, polo shirts, footwear, as well as bags and accessories (SuperGroup.Plc, 2011). Superdry was built in 2003, designed by three men, Julian Dunkerton, Theo Karpathios and James Holder. They have the unique eyes, and since then that style vision has grown into the promptly well-known global brand. Superdry arrived on Australian shores in 2006, and quickly became famous in Australia. It has developed the unique style of Australia. The product of Superdry is plain, but the designer pays attention to detail. The customers can be surprised at why these guys can use with a plain T-shirt to give people a strong sense of visual impact in designing. Superdry already has 43 separate stores in UK, and discounts in 48 department stores, there are Harrods and Selfridges London. Meanwhile, Superdry has stores in the USA, Australia, Europe, South America and Asia. It also has own shopping online, which is “”. The website mainly sells all of products and there will be some out-of-season clothes on discount. The online store sells safely and securely to over 300 countries all over the world, and it offering wonderful customer service and a hassle-free return's policy. According to a comment of the website, for all its ability to recognize on the streets, we achieved that we shouldn’t know the woman behind these popular designs if we tripped
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