An Analysis of Terrorism Essay

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An Analysis of Terrorism

On September 11, 2001, every person was stunned with the earth shaking news that the World Trade Center (WTC), the highest building in the world was attacked by terrorist. This was done by hi-jacking two commercial airplanes which plowed the two famous sites. More than 5,000 American was feared dead. This was the most recent and most devastating terrorist act that brought terrorism into the timelight. Terrorism is a term of uncertain legal content. The term itself has no definition of illegality, except when terrorism commits acts which do apply to common law. Some of the acts that a terrorist commits are murder, bombing, kidnapping, hi-jacking, hostage taking and theft. All these acts have a law in the
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In the last half of 20th century, terrorists were driven by beliefs in fighting for particular nations(nationalists) or certain ideas (ideology). Terrorist networks grew with the help of better transportation, more television, better telephones, and more sophisticated and deadly explosives.
The conflicts between Israel and Arab countries after World War II led to intense periods of terrorism. 1970’s and 1980’s , terrorism spilled over into western Europe. The Palestinians liberation has set up organizations in Germany, Italy and Japan. Another army, fighting for the liberation of Northern Ireland from Great Britain. Before the airplane hi-jackings and attacks at the world trade center and the pentagon, terrorist attacked U.S. had been mostly the work of individuals. These individuals tend to hate government and corporations. The worst attack was in Oklahoma City in 1995 , when army veterans Timothy McVeigh and Terry McNicholas blew up the Federal Building killing 269 people. The Unabomber, Theodore Kasynski mailed homemade bombs to corporations, professors and computer companies. He killed 3 and wounded 23 people before captured in 1995. One exception was an earlier bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, which killed six people the core in 1993, which killed 6 people. Islamic radicals were found to be behind the blast. International terrorist Osama Binladen, the main suspect in this months attacks
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