An Analysis of The Circular Ruins Essay examples

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An Analysis of The Circular Ruins

"The Circular Ruins" is a short story written by Jorge Luis Borges in 1964. Borges was born in 1899 and died in 1986. At the age of six, he knew he wanted to be a writer. By age eight, he had already written his first story. Most of Borges' stories are listed under the fantastic literature category. Fantastic literature has several things in common with magical realism, but it is less believable.

Magical realism and fantastic literature both contain magical and realistic elements. The realistic elements in this story give a description of the surroundings. They tell of a river and a mountain. A "circular enclosure crowned by a stone tiger or horse, which once was the color of fire and
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The main character obeys and does what the fire god asks. It turns out that the man, himself, is a magical element. At the end of the story, he walks into the fire and is not burnt.

The fantastic, or magical, elements send the story on a different course from what would have originally happened. Without these elements the main character may have died, or he may have not even come to the temple to begin with. The elements give the main character situations that show how life can be. They show good times, and hardships, and some of the different emotions that a person goes through. The story starts over again with the main character's son and will continue on like a "circle".

Fantastic literature and magical realism both contain magical elements, however, hesitation is what determines whether it is magical realism or fantastic literature. Most of the people involved in this story seem to treat the magical elements the same way, as if they are normal occurrences. The main character treats the elements as a normal occurrence. He acts like they were supposed to happen and as if he expected them to. When he first got to the temple, and he woke up "beneath the pedestal, he evidenced without astonishment that his wounds had closed" (25). The author also treats these elements as normal, like there is nothing strange about them. Since the main character and the author see these as normal, I

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