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An Analysis of The Judge's House This compelling 19th Century thriller by Bram Stoker has many typical elements of the 19th century ghost story genre. The author has used many rudiments, which make this a very popular ghost story. "The Judges House" which is set in an isolated setting, this can clearly be seen when the author describes it as "…desolation was the only term conveying any suitable idea of its isolation." Here the author wants to portray the sense of seclusion, as this is a typical element of a 19th century ghost story. The author has used many other techniques in describing the setting, to give the reader a sense of isolation. For example Stoker writes," …was surrounded by a…show more content…
Stoker portrays the central character, as a very sceptical and intellectual person. This is obvious when the author writes "But, my dear Mrs.Witham, indeed you need not be concerned about me! A man who is reading for the Mathematical Tripos has too much to think of to be disturbed by any of these mysterious 'somethings,' and his work is of too exact and prosaic a kind to allow of his having any order in his mind for mysteries of any kind." The image of the protagonist has been depicted as a studious but sceptical person and this too is a very important concept of ghost stories. Most ghost stories have a sceptic who at the beginning is a scholar like person and someone who does not believe in ghosts, but finds himself having to believe as the story progresses. The protagonist tends to just call mysterious happenings as just strange concurrences and this can be substantiated when the Bible is the only book which, when thrown at the rat was on target and the protagonist says," What an odd coincidence." By writing this, Stoker gives his audience a indicator that the rat appearances haven't changed the mind of the sceptic. The author has used many sound effects in the story. For example, Stoker writes, "…and hark to the strange noises!" Sound effects are also typical components of a ghost story, which is used to build up tension. A
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