An Analysis of The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle Essay

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An Analysis of The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle

'TLW' was written in 1912 and was set in the author's present. This novel falls under an adventure/exploration genre. Usually in an adventure or an exploration novel the following takes place; the story is usually set in the present, the story is driven by a quest, which comes out of wanting to find evidence to support a theory, the hero is established, and whilst the quest is also recognized, the hero faces a series of challenges and eventually finds the evidence on the way to becoming successful in what he is set to do. One thing which is usual in this type of genre is a villain who is generally a person but in this novel, the danger is posed by
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He writes in the first person, as Malone is writing a report for his newspaper, making the serialisation of the novel in 'The Strand' more effective. This also enables the reader to experience problems at the same time as the writer and to share his or her emotions. There is little use of dramatic irony which almost makes you see through their eyes and adds tension through personal identification with the problem. The reader is able to immediately experience what is going on inside the character's head. Conan Doyle understands that his approach does not reduce the reader's acquiescence, but rather encourages it.

'TLW' opens in Victoria London, then moves to South America. The city is a good setting for the story as many of readers would have been from the same area which would of have enabled them to relate to the story more easily. He then writes about an expedition to a remote, high plateau in South America, cut off from the rest of the world. In this lost world, evolution has taken a different path. Led by Professor Challenger, the explorers were to confront all manner of atavisms: dinosaurs, bizarre beasts, and ferocious ape-men. After surviving dread horrors and continuous peril, they would escape and return home safely. The

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