An Analysis of The Story of Rahab Essay

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An Analysis of The Story of Rahab The main point of the story of Rahab is that God rewards people, regardless of their station or past sins, who put their faith in Him. The story of Rahab begins when Joshua, after receiving God’s command to enter into the Promised Land, sends two spies into Jericho and the surrounding areas to “view the land” (Joshua 2:1). The two spies are discovered in Jericho as they enter Rahab’s harlot house. The king of Jericho, being alerted to their presence, sends for the spies. Rahab hides the two spies on her roof under some flax and sends the guards out of the city on a wild goose chase. Rahab then tells the spies that everyone in the land is afraid of their power and that she knows that their God is…show more content…
Jericho was a pagan city so Rahab probably had a lot of business. Notice that she owned and operated the brothel. Rahab was a successful business-woman. She took charge of situations and was able to make fast, smart decisions. When the guards came to her house she quickly hid the spies on her roof and made up a clever story to not only throw the search party off but to get them out of Jericho for three days. Rahab saw a perfect opportunity to save herself from the impending doom and because of her intelligent and bold actions she was able to take advantage of it. One might even suspect her of informing the king of the spy’s presence. Rahab’s relationship to the spies throughout the story also shows an element of her nature. From the moment that the spies enter her house and are found out, Rahab has the upper hand in the relationship. The spies need Rahab to help them. She uses their dependence on her protection and her familiarity with the city to her advantage. Rahab is a survivor. She looks out for her own skin. The truth of her supposed religious devotion to the God of the Israelites is questionable. But true or not she had no problem using that to help her family. Rahab was loyal to her family and would do anything to ensure her family’s safety. Rahab’s dialogue also shows her intelligence. Her talk with the spies reads like a man speaking. Rahab

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