An Analysis of Thomas Dekker's 'The Lantern and the Candlelight'

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Thomas Dekker Writer Thomas Dekker was a prolific author and playwright who had the good fortune to work with some of the most well-respected and revered writers of his day including Ben Johnson. However, despite writing dozens of plays, mostly in collaboration with others, he found himself suffering the legal issues of being indebted. For this he was imprisoned on more than one occasion, the first for a period of three years (Bellinger 240). His second stint in debtor's prison in 1612 over a matter of forty pounds sent him to King's Bench Prison for seven long years. The psychological effect of this incarceration led to Dekker being wholly against the then-current process of how those in debt were dealt with by the crown. In his analysis he paints the government in the most negative light, without taking into account the different forms of debt; there is debt which is imposed upon a person through no fault of their own and there is debt which is accrued through lack of care and financial recklessness. He wrote in his book The Lantern and the Candlelight about the various ways in which people lived in the present of his life, the late sixteenth to early seventeenth centuries, and about the unfairness of the debtor's punishment in particular. It is important for writers to write what they know because it adds validity and authenticity to their works, but there is a line that must not be crossed. When discussing political issues, or things which have to do with social

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