An Analysis of Two Advertisements Essay

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An Analysis of Two Advertisements I am going to analyse two adverts and discuss which one is more effective. The first advert that I am going to study is marketing 'New Synergie lift' by Garnier. The second is promoting the product 'Total turnaround' by Clinique. Both adverts were obtained from 'Marie Claire'- a magazine intended for women aged between twenty and thirty. This suggests that the target audience for these two particular adverts is women, who are possibly very conscientious about their appearance and who typically have a salary, therefore will be able to afford the products being advertised. The Clinique advert has a very simple yet effective layout. There is a photograph in the…show more content…
As in Clinique there is a sentence at the top of the page backed by a white setting making it stand out. This layout, although very different to that of Clinique is also very effective. It immediately attracts the viewer to the main photograph of a beautiful lady, the reader then wants to see what makes her this stunning, making them look around for indications in the advert. The two adverts have very different layouts. The Clinique page is very simple with one main group of images altogether in one place, whereas in Garnier advert places images over the entire page spreading them keeping your eye moving all the time. The layout of the Clinique advert is more effective than Garnier's because of the simplicity. The eye is not distracted at all as it is in the Garnier advert but is forced to look at the most important thing in the whole advert - the product. In the Clinique advert, the first thing that seizes your attention is the baby chick in the centre of the page. Human instinct is to look at the eyes of another animal before any other part of their body as this feature is what tells us the most about that particular species. This forces the reader to look at the baby chick prior to the other images in the advert. The chick is very cute, fluffy and soft looking. This instantly gives the reader the impression that this is
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